GENoa hUman Active fixation database:PEripersonal space STereoscopic images and grOund truth disparity

GENUA PESTO is a large database of stereoscopic images (2700) obtained mimicking the human eye posture, i.e. including vergence and cyclotorsion. The database provides the stereoscopic pairs together with the ground-truth information of:
  1. Left and Right images
  2. Depth Map (left and cyclopean)
  3. Disparity Map (left and cyclopean)
  4. Binocular Occlusions
  5. Depth Edges
  6. Camera Position and Orientation

#2 Robotic Vergence Eye Movement Control

A software module (C/C++) for the control of VERGENCE and VERSION eye movements, portable on robotics head with different kinematics (e.g. Tilt-Pan or Pan-Tilt).

  1. Real-time capabilities
  2. Robust and portable
  3. High accuracy and precision
  4. Wide working range

#3 Retinal Disparity Simulator

A GUI (Matlab) to generate the retinal disparity map defined vergence and version of a binocular head with different kinematics (e.g. Tilt-Pan, Pan-Tilt, Listings or L2).