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Welcome to the DrivSco Project
Most technical systems, for example cars, must work reliably at key-turn. Therefore, such systems almost always employ conventional control strategies. Biological systems, on the other hand, learn. In the beginning they are functional only at a very basic level from which they improve their skills. No-one would, however, want to use a learning car, which could in the beginning barely steer. Thus, learning techniques have not really entered turn-key applications so far.

The goal of DRIVSCO is to devise, test and implement a strategy of how to combine adaptive learning mechanisms with conventional control, starting with a fully operational human-machine interfaced control system and arriving at a strongly improved, largely autonomous system after learning, that will act in a proactive way using different predictive mechanisms.

[more details on the project's key research actions]

Funding: European Commission (FP6-IST-FET, contract 016276-2)
Starting: 01 Feb 2006 -- Ending by: 31 Jul 2009