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Members' Area
Deliverable WP no. Lead participant
D1.1 Specification of the components for the micro-chip 1 UGR
D2.1 Recurrent regularization method 2 UGE
D2.2 Adaptation mechanisms using non-visual signals [D2.2 addendum] 2 UGE
D4.2 Extraction and specification of SVEs [D4.2b] 4 SDU
D6.1 Algorithm for adaptive subspace transformation based on mutual information and class labels 5 KUL
D6.2 Algorithm for disambiguating and linking SVEs and SAEs 6 KUL
D7.1 Specification of the technical requirements concerning SVEs and SAEs in the context of ISO learning [update] [D7.1b] 7 BCCN
D8.2 Test camera sequences 8 HELLA
D9.1 Web Page 9 UGE
D9.3 Scientific Publication list 9 BCCN